Forest Communicators Network for the Mediterranean and Near East

The network is open to individuals, members of public and private sector, representatives of organizations, institutions, and other networks of interest and connected to the forest related issues. All individuals directly or indirectly related to forestry sectors such as users, decision makers, beneficiary or environmentalists, sociologists, anthropologists etc..

The network is expected to inform and communicate important aspects of the forests in the Mediterranean and the Near East region all in line with the challenges and opportunities these resources present. It is expected that the network, after its establishment would eventually develop a flexible, interactive but proactive structure able to meet the demands of all countries and members while contributing to the implementing of its strategy at all national, regional and international levels. At this stage we have identified important aspects for its establishment and for the long term based on the members’ suggestions.



Forests hold important attributes that can eventually create conflicts among different people interests resulting in mixed, controversial and confusing messages


Forests are affected by policies at national levels designed for various purposes. To foster coherence, it is essential to engage stakeholders at all levels in an open dialogue on forests


Divergence and gaps are significant between the reality and the public perception concerning forests. Communication with the External environment is important in providing a realistic perception of the forests and their attributes

If you want to know, have a look at the new FAO publication Forest Products in the global bioeconomy: Enabling substitution by wood-based products and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, launched on 21 March on the occasion of the International Day of Forests. Wood-based......

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  The seventh Mediterranean Forest Week, which places an important role on the next Mediterranean generations, offers an opportunity and platform to promote youth exchanges on ecosystem and forest restoration by ensuring a bottom-up approach. The dialogue invites Mediterranean youth to express challenges and exchange......