How does #MedForest2019 resemble a forest habitat

How does #MedForest2019 resemble a forest habitat

In a forest ecosystem exists several overlaying strata with its biotic and abiotic components. From the soil and the subsoil to the short bushes and shrubs, then to the trees with hanging vines, then to the upper canopies.

Each layer is a world of its own having unique plant and animal species, all functioning together in their environmental infrastructure. With all the food chains, food webs, and ecological relationships going on.

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In my modest knowledge of forests, I see them as a hub of activity. They are among the top places on Earth full
of life! And how I see it, our conference this week – the 6th Mediterranean Forest Week in Lebanon –  represents just that.

There are lots of visible and invisible layers in our conference on various levels. Layers being run and perated by groups and individual with unique “niches” and “relationships”, among themselves and among others.

From all the volunteers and employees doing all the work behind the scenes to the attendees: experts, researchers, managers, donors, policy makers which are the heart of the conference, to the media and communication teams which glue the whole picture together.

This ladies and gentlemen is a bee-hive at work. And we all sure have good expectations that the productivity of this conference is the same as our beloved Mediterranean forests. So let’s all cooperate to make the best out of it!

Blogpost by Hussein Ali Ghandour.